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The following peer-reviewed publications discuss projects and experiences in which I have been closely and directly involved. I am particularly proud of the 2018 horseshoe crab review, in which I assisted in the research and produced all the illustrations. It is currently ranked within the 99th percentile of articles appearing in the journal of Frontiers in Marine Science and is trending to pass 100,000 views with an Altmetric score of 218. This article, and subsequent research, ultimately resulted in the successful aquaculture efforts underway today at Kepley BioSystems that are leading to the development of a rapid blood screening in-vitro diagnostic for quickly detecting the early onset of sepsis.


The following are a few selected highlights and achievements of the last 5+ years. If available, click the link to read more about each event in the accompanying press release.

  • Participated and completed National Science Foundation I-Corps Bootcamp and Customer Discovery workshop. (2021)
  • North Carolina State University certification: Innovation Management Workshop. (2021)
  • NSF Phase I SBIR: "A Rapid, Sensitive Pathogen Typing and Antibiotic Sensitivity Test for Bloodstream Infections." (2021).
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  • Patent received: Bioactive/Antimicrobial, Non-Disposable Personal Protection Equipment that Safely Kills Viral, Bacterial, and Fungal Matter Upon Contact (Issued: Mar. 2021)
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  • Invited Speaker (Virtual): North Carolina Partnership for Economic Development "Onward as One" Roundtable. (2020).
  • Invited Speaker/Presenter (Virtual): NC Museum of Natural Sciences: Darwin Days 2020: "Your Not-So-Cuddly Buddy, The Horseshoe Crab".
  • Presenter: World Dog Expo Trade Show, Secaucus, New Jersey. Launch of Kepley K9 Strategic Scent Stimulant Canine Excretion Aid product. (2019).
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  • Invited Presenter: NC Museum of Natural Sciences: SciTech 2019. Kepley K9 Citizen Scientists exhibit. Offered participants early product for use with their pets and equipped with specially designed notebooks and guides to capture and return data regarding product efficacy. Exhibit was designed to teach curiosity and observational note-keeping skills to young show-goers with low stakes experiment.
  • NSF Phase I SBIR Grant: "A Novel Horseshoe Crab Device and Approach for a Sustainable Endotoxin Testing Resource.” (2019).
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  • Featured Speaker/Presenter: Durham Technical Community College: Spring 2019 Science Seminar Series: "Finding your 'Why?': Personal Journeys in the World of Small Enterprise".
  • North Carolina Sea Grant: Protecting Marine and Avian Species Through Improved Horseshoe Crab Amebocyte Collection. (2018).
  • Organizer: "Interventional Marine Ecology Symposium". Savannah State University.
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  • Invited Presenter: NC Museum of Natural Sciences: BugFest 2018: Arthropods – Crayfish and Other Crustaceans. "Cammy the Crawfish presents: Sustainable Science and Technologies" 
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  • Invited Speaker: 2016 Taicang Biomedical International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project matchmaking Symposium. Tiacang, China. (2016).
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  • Invited Speaker: 2016 International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Duke Kunshan University, Kunshan, China. (2016).
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  • NSF Phase I & II SBIR Grant: "Developing a Novel Synthetic Crustacean Bait to Stem Forage Fish Exploitation. (2015-2018).
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Below are a couple of the websites I have managed over the last few years. I have provided links to some of my favorite content created for each site.

Horseshoe Crab Research
This page details the findings and results of an NSF Phase 1 grant to prove the feasibility for aquaculturing horseshoe crabs, a vulnerable, but ecologically critical, species that provide an important reagent for endotoxin testing in the biomedical industry. Due to the scope of this project, there were many contributors to the research. This page explains the science in a friendly manner while giving participants an opportunity to shine. I'm proud to say that the NC Museum of Natural Sciences recommended this page to teachers as an instructional tool during their Darwin Days event in 2020.

Kepley K9 Science
This page distills the data from studies performed on the project, however, that can be overwhelming to a normal consumer. For this page, I was allowed to go full tilt exercising my cartooning skills to create a "dog's nose view" to help people understand how canines rely on smell to perceive their surroundings.

Kepley K9 Shelter Outreach
This page details the teams efforts to work with the local SPCA to walk rescue dogs using the Kepley K9 product. The product showed efficacy with each subject, and allowed the dogs to promptly relieve themselves allowing shelter workers to spend more time walking the dogs over just trying to get them to go. This page allowed me to celebrate our summer intern and the shelter folks, as well as a the feel-good story of Russel the Labrador and his happy homing with a gentleman suffering from PTSD.


Below are a few samples of the graphics I've created for presentations or speaking events. Click to view at full size.

Images are property of Kepley BioSystems Inc.
Used with permission.



Below are a sample of informational videos I made, or participated in making, discussing several of the team's projects.
Most videos were made in-house with available equipment intended for presentations.

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